Meet the weight loss team

Our bariatric team carries out around a 15-20 weight loss procedures every week. It is the UK’s second largest team for bariatric surgery.

Our weight loss consultants are:

Dr Saira Hameed is a Consultant Endocrinologist. She works within the Imperial Weight Centre, a world-class centre of excellence for weight management and within the Imperial Centre for Endocrinology which has an international reputation for clinical and academic excellence in endocrinology.

Mr Ahmed R Ahmed is our lead weight loss surgeon, Mr Ahmed has carried out more than 5,000 procedures, including more than 3,500 gastric bypasses. He receives referrals from all over the UK and abroad and is a world expert in complex revisional surgery.

Mr Sherif Hakky specialises in all conditions involving the oesophagus and stomach. He regularly undertakes surgery for cancers and all weight loss procedures including complex revision surgery. He has performed over 3000 laparoscopic (keyhole operations). His interests are in patient safety and quality improvement in surgery.

Mr Krishna Moorthy has extensive experience in advanced keyhole surgery and completed a fellowship in one of the most prestigious bariatric surgery units in Europe – Brussels’ St Pierre University Hospital.

Mr Sanjay Purkayastha has carried out over 4000 laparoscopic (key hole surgery) procedures. This includes over 1000 bariatric (weight loss surgery) procedures. He was one of the first surgeons to carry out robotic bariatric surgery in the UK and the only surgeon to use the Da Vinci and Transenteryx surgical robotic devices.

He provides complex second options for national and international cases and has a large revisonal bariatric surgical workload. His experience in mini gastric bypass surgery is also nationally and internationally recognised.

Imperial, Hammersmith Hospital, 13-07-2016.

Dr Harvinder Chahal is the leading expert in medical care leading up to and after weight loss surgery, with a special interest in diabetes and high blood pressure.

An expert support team

Our surgical team is supported by:

  • specialist weight loss nurses, who will provide advice, support and information
  • an obesity physician, who will ensure you are fit for surgery and that risks are reduced
  • a specialist anaesthetist / peri-operative physician, who will assess you before surgery and monitor you during the operation to ensure you are receiving the correct levels of anaesthesia
  • specialist dieticians, who will prepare you for surgery and explain how your eating habits will, and should, change after surgery
  • psychiatrists and psychologists with expertise in obesity. They will assess if there are psychological issues that would prevent the surgery from being a success and explain the impact of surgery on your eating habits
  • a GP specialist

Patients can also arrange to have access to personal trainers and physiotherapists.

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