Weight loss research & innovation

Our team constantly explores innovative ways to improve surgical options.

In 2013, Dr Krishna Moorthy and Dr Sanjay Purkayastha were the first surgeons in the UK to carry out weight loss surgery using a Da Vinci robot: a camera on the end of a thin tube provides a detailed 3D view of the operational area, offering the surgeon improved light, precision and depth perception. Comfortably seated within a console, the surgeon guides robotic arms with medical tools attached to carry out the procedure. This method delivers all the benefits to the patient of minimally evasive surgery, such as enhanced recovery, small scars and a quick return to daily living and normal health.

Mr Ahmed is continually developing ways to enhance the recovery of our clients by using less and smaller mini cuts. He is a specialist in customising the sleeve gastrectomy to the individual needs of his patients.

Dr Jonathan Cousins is our lead anaesthetist and chairman of SOBA (Society for Obesity and Bariatric Anaesthesia). He teaches clinicians how to look after patients undergoing weight loss surgery and how to ensure proper preparation before surgical procedures.
We are proud of the teams’ international reputation which is earned and maintained by continued research and updates to benefit our patients. Our surgeons are often called upon by national and international media to give expert opinion, and they regularly teach other surgeons in their field.

The unit was involved in writing the AIHO (Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations) guidelines, which set out the standards for the safe weight loss surgery in private hospitals in the UK.

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