Weight loss surgery

Imperial Private Healthcare has one of the most experienced weight loss teams in the world. Every year, our consultants work with more than 1000 private and NHS patients – with exceptional results.
Weight loss (bariatric) surgery can dramatically improve your quality of life and treat health issues, such as diabetes and sleep apnoea, as well as reduce the risk of heart problems or strokes. Our team has an excellent success rate. Our three most common procedures are highly effective in terms of the actual weight loss – you can expect to lose up to one-third of your body weight – and be successful in preventing substantial weight gain.
If you have already tried dieting, exercise, medication and making lifestyle changes but have been unable to sustain long-term weight loss, you may be suitable for weight loss surgery. Patients need to have a BMI of 30 or above to be considered for surgery but less for other interventions.

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