Private postnatal care and support  at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea

Our care doesn’t have to stop when your baby is born.

We offer optional paediatric and postnatal support to give you peace of mind and support you through the early days with your baby.

We will provide you with holistic support, information and advice, so that by the time you are discharged from our care you are feeling confident and happy about looking after your baby and ready for the on-going joy of parenthood.

We will provide three postnatal check-ups in the days following your baby’s birth, which will take place in your home. These are:

  • Within 48 hours of your discharge from hospital, we will take the time to visit you at home to see  how you are adjusting to life with your new baby
  • At day five we will check that you are all still doing well and that feeding is well established. We will also carry out the newborn blood test (heel prick) and check baby’s weight.
  • Around day 10 we will make sure that you and your baby are happy, that your baby is gaining weight and you are recovering well from the delivery.

These sessions can take place at a conveniently agreed time and will be with one of your trusted team of Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea midwives.

If your home address is outside of the Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea catchment, we can still offer this service, but there may be an additional charge – the midwifery team will be able to advise.

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