Sita Fetiveau

Sita Fetiveau chose The Lindo Wing for the birth of her much longed for first baby, and found the access to top quality medical expertise on site highly reassuring throughout her care.

“I came to see Professor Teoh at the Lindo Wing about three months into my pregnancy with my much longer for IVF baby as I had heard from so many of my friends what a great consultant he was.

A few weeks later, Professor Teoh realised that I might have what is called a short cervix, which can open too early and lead to miscarriage. He referred me straight away to fetal medicine specialists, where I was seen by three or four different doctors. At around 21 weeks in to my pregnancy they explained that I would need a cervical stitch to keep the baby in place and took me for surgery but on examination it became clear that I had no obvious cervix to stitch.  At this point I had a huge anxiety attack as I was so worried about losing the baby. Everyone in the theatre was amazing at calming me down and explaining that more could be done, which I am so grateful for.

“the Lindo Wing nursing team were kind, supportive and helped me every step of the way”

The team explained that I could have an abdominal suture which will keep the cervix closed and reduces the risk of early delivery. Whilst in theatre, the team also had to take my uterus out and lift it higher to create more space. The procedure was successful. It was a longer healing process than I would have liked and due to my pregnancy I could only have limited pain killers, but the whole time the Lindo Wing nursing team were kind, supportive and helped me every step of the way.

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Octavia safely by c-secton in early July 2019. She really is my miracle baby. I am thankful to everyone in the team that helped us along the way. For me, having my baby at The Lindo Wing was not about the luxury of my surroundings – it was about access to the amazing medical staff, and the tremendous support teams that responded to all my questions promptly and kindly. I always felt like I was in excellent hands.”

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