Seema Zafar

After a recommendation from a consultant in her home country of Pakistan, Seema Zafar chose to come to the UK for a life-changing kidney transplant, donated by her eldest daughter.

“I had been unwell with kidney problems for two years, before we reached the decision for me to have a transplant. I had had to have dialysis two or three times a week for some time which is not a pleasant thing to go through.

My brother is an ophthalmic consultant and he worked in a hospital in Wales. He put me in touch with a colleague who is a renal specialist. After going through numerous tests, he suggested that I might be a suitable candidate for a transplant, and recommended two expert consultants in the UK who would be the right people to help me – Professor David Taube (consultant transplant physician) and Professor Vassilios Papalois (consultant transplant surgeon). The consultants were experts in live kidney transplants, meaning they could take a donated kidney from a living relative and transplant it.

My whole family were tested to see if they were a match. I have four children; my two sons were not a match for me but both my daughters were considered to be suitable donors. They were both willing to offer me their kidney – in fact they even fought over it! In the end my eldest daughter, Nazia, who also lives in Pakistan, was chosen as my donor.

“I would highly recommend Imperial Private Healthcare to my friends and family.”

We travelled to the UK in early February 2018 to meet with the consultants. They were wonderful and explained everything that would happen in detail. Everything was written down to make sure we all understood. Although I was obviously worried for my daughter, they made me feel very comfortable with everything that was going to happen.

A day later we had the operation, which was a great success. My daughter was fine and was discharged very quickly. I stayed in hospital for a little longer. The sometimes up to four times a day to check I was doing OK. We as a family are very grateful to everyone involved our care at Hammersmith Hospital. The nurses, Amrita and Dixon were very good during dialysis and above all Professor Taube and Professor Papalois’ care and concern was exceptionally good.

I feel so much better now. I have so much more energy, and I have really noticed that my skin has improved! I even have enough energy to argue with my husband, so I must be better! I would highly recommend Imperial Private Healthcare to my friends and family. In fact I have a friend back in Pakistan with a similar problem and I am recommending that he speaks to the team here. I just want to say thank you.”