Gwion Lewis

New father Gwion Lewis attended Lindo Wing antenatal classes with his wife, Esyllt, prior to the birth of their son, Amig.

“We chose to have a bespoke one to one antenatal class at The Lindo Wing as my job meant it was difficult to commit to a weekly course. Convenience was a big selling point for us.

I had preconceptions that antenatal classes were all about interactive role play, but it was nothing like that. We were largely able to decide the tone of our session which was tailored around our own requirements. All our questions, however simple, were treated with respect and our concerns were taken seriously. I really appreciated that the class was not patronising.

Beforehand I thought I would just have a peripheral role in the birth, but I appreciated how the father’s role was treated with respect. As an anxious dad-to-be, I found it really valuable to learn about pain relief. I was able to have all my questions answered, so when the time came we were much calmer and I felt confident in supporting my wife with her choices.

“As an anxious dad-to-be, I found it really valuable”

“We also found the breastfeeding element useful, including how the father can be supportive. My wife was given great advice on techniques, so it was not as overwhelming after the birth as it might have been.

If resources allow, I would highly recommend bespoke classes, as I don’t think you can put a price on that level of individual attention. It gave us the confidence we needed in preparation for our new baby.”

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