Pain management services

If you are experiencing significant chronic pain, our interventional pain management service based at Charing Cross Hospital will be able to help.

We are able to provide pain relief for patients with low back pain, spinal pain, sciatica, joint pain, cancer pain, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and many other complex conditions. We also work closely with our colleagues in neurology to support patients recovering from strokes.

Our interventional pain management service has very short waiting times, meaning that you can be seen and treated within just a few days.

World class experts

Our interventional pain management consultants include world-renowned experts in spinal pain and other forms of complex pain including cancer. The team (comprising  Dr Arun Bhaskar, Dr Stephen Humble, and Dr Sunny Nayee) speak regularly at the British Pain Society and on the international lecture circuit.

We offer interventional pain medicine techniques including epidurals and spinal injections for conditions such as sciatica. Our team has the expertise step in to help in the most challenging cases when other approaches to pain management have been unsuccessful. If your care requires it, we can also offer a multidisciplinary team approach, working with your physiotherapist to ensure we provide an effective, tailored plan for you.

Our consultants utilise the latest injection technology and can offer a wide variety of pain relief injections which are not widely available. We use ultrasound and x-ray guided techniques to ensure that we target the source of the pain precisely, and also provide treatment called radiofrequency ablation to ease facet joint pain; a technique known to provide long term pain relief.

Novel techniques

In conjunction with research undertaken at Hammersmith Hospital (through our relationship with Imperial College), we set up the capsaicin patch clinic. This novel treatment has proven to be an effective form of pain relief for many forms of neuropathic pain, including painful neuropathy after chemotherapy and persistent pain after surgery. We are one of the few centres in Greater London that is able to offer this as a treatment option.

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