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Renal services

The Imperial College Renal and Transplant Centre at Hammersmith Hospital is the largest facility of its kind in Europe. Our proximity to the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine’s main research base ensures that services are continually developed to represent the most innovative practices in treating kidney conditions.

The centre is staffed by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team, with expertise across a range of subspecialties. This enables us to offer unrivalled expertise, advanced treatments and the very best care for our kidney patients.

Our renal service consists of three main areas – nephrology (the study of the kidneys), transplantation and dialysis.

In addition, we offer care in subspecialties including:

  • diabetic kidney disease
  • general kidney disease
  • immunologically modulated kidney disease (inflammatory kidney disease which is often treated with medicines that suppress the immune system)
  • inherited kidney disease
  • live kidney transplants
  • pancreas transplants
  • transplant maintenance
  • maintenance dialysis

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