Knee pain

If you are suffering from knee pain or knee damage, our team of orthopaedic specialists will be able to support you, whatever the problem.

From fractures to ligament damage, we have the expertise to be able to diagnose and treat your knee problem. We provide both operative and non-operative treatments for the entire spectrum of knee problems including all acute or chronic knee conditions. As a tertiary referral centre, our consultants are referred complex cases regularly, from around the country as well as internationally.

Acute knee injuries

At Imperial Private Healthcare we have extensive experience of caring for patients who have suffered from major trauma. We have one of London’s four major trauma centres on site at St Mary’s Hospital and our orthopaedic service is highly experienced in dealing with patients with injuries as a result of accident, sporting injury or violence, including road traffic accidents, bomb blasts and war related injuries.

As well as dealing with major trauma, we are also able to treat patients with more routine injuries including fractures. As part of a multi-disciplinary hospital we work closely with our colleagues in trauma, plastic surgery and other disciplines to manage complex lower limb problems.

We offer the most up-to-date techniques and implants to fix fractures. We also treat simple and complex ligament and soft tissue injuries around the knee.

Elective knee procedures

Our knee service ranges from providing knee replacement for patients who are suffering from degenerative complaints such as osteoarthritis, through to planned soft tissue reconstruction. We offer partial knee replacement in suitable cases and are also experts in total knee replacement, using navigation and robotic assistance where required. Our choice of implants have some of best recorded results in the National Joint Registry.

Deformity correction

Our team can offer comprehensive care for lower limb deformities. Working with our plastic surgery colleagues, we regularly undertake joint ortho-plastic reconstruction involving consultants from both teams, who are experts in complex reconstructive surgery.

Knee joint replacement

Depending on your symptoms and activity levels we can offer either total or partial knee replacement where required. A partial replacement is a less invasive operation to replace only the part of the joint that is worn out and is suitable for people with damage to a single area.

Our consultants use the latest computer-assisted robotic technology where appropriate to support them with knee replacement surgery, allowing them to remove as little bone as possible and accurately position the implants. The new knee should function better, last longer and patients recover more quickly with a reduced hospital stay of only two or three days.

Ligament reconstruction

We are experts in ligament reconstruction and regularly undertake procedures including anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and multi-ligament reconstruction. We are able to offer revision surgery to patients who have had previous surgery which has not resulted in the improved function hoped for.

If there is injury to more than one ligament we aim to provide reconstructive surgery in the same sitting where possible. Where this is an unsuitable approach, we will aim to manage your treatment in a staged way to minimise disruption to your daily life. We also specialise in treating individuals who have hypermobility problems.

Minimally invasive surgical options

We carry out the majority of our soft tissue knee surgery using a minimally invasive technique called arthroscopy. This technique leaves very small scars and allows faster recovery from surgery compared to open surgical techniques.