Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve becomes damaged, commonly as a result of too much pressure in the eye. It is the most common cause of sight loss worldwide and there is an increased risk of this condition as you get older.

Patients with glaucoma initially lose peripheral sight, leading to patchy vision, and if left untreated it can potentially lead to blindness.

However, with early detection and regular visits to your glaucoma specialist it is possible to protect your eyes against damage and maintain your sight.

Leading specialists in eye care

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with glaucoma or you have long-term eye problems, at Imperial Private Healthcare you will receive a personalised treatment programme from our highly skilled specialist team. All our consultants have undergone a careful and rigorous selection process before they work with us at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and are appraised annually.

Latest glaucoma research and treatment

Our ophthalmologists have a long history of involvement with national and international glaucoma research into new therapies and glaucoma treatments. The Imperial College Ophthalmic Research Unit is dedicated to the early diagnosis of eye problems and developing drugs and new treatment options for low vision and blindness.

At Imperial Private Healthcare, we offer all the latest medical, laser and surgical glaucoma treatments available.

Experts in complex eye problems

Our specialists are experienced in looking after patients with advanced or complex eye disease and caring for patients who may already have undergone eye surgery.

If we are already treating you for cataracts, we can also offer you pressure lowering treatment at the same time (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, or MIGS), which can lead to a reduction in the number of glaucoma drops you will need to take, or, in some cases, allow you to stop taking glaucoma drops altogether.

Excellent outcomes in glaucoma treatment

Our NHS cataract outcomes are published on The Royal College of Ophthalmologists national database with full transparency of the excellent and safe surgery we offer.

All our procedures are audited to ensure the best care is being provided and your consultant surgeon can share their individual outcome data with you as well.