Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapy team is on hand to support you if you need a little practical assistance when it comes to regaining independence after an accident, illness or surgery.

Our service is provided as part of the rehabilitation package for patients already being treated by Imperial Private Healthcare.

As part of the multidisciplinary team involved in your care, we work closely with patients recovering from strokes, brain tumours, traumatic brain injuries, cancer or orthopaedic surgery.

Our expert team will take a “whole person” approach to your care, focusing on re-developing the skills that are most important to you. That could be anything from self-care, to getting back to work, to being able to return to hobby you enjoyed before your hospital stay.

We can help with everything from helping you to avoid or minimise falls, to dressing and looking after yourself again to getting out and about.

A range of treatment options

Your treatment plan will be tailor made in a way that works for you and your family. Your plan may include some or all of:

• Cognitive assessment, rehabilitation and support
• Assessment and advice regarding any specialist equipment you might need
• Family support and education to help with the management of long term conditions
• Signposting you and your family to appropriate support agencies
• Arranging home therapy services
• Upper limb rehabilitation (for neurological conditions)

Our team

Our team is based at The Thames View, on the 15th floor of Charing Cross Hospital, where we have a dedicated occupational therapist working solely with our private patients. Our therapy team is led by a senior physiotherapist and also includes a rehabilitation assistant who is also dedicated to our private patients.

Our aim is to work closely with you to assist in your recovery and ensure that you leave our care in the best possible physical condition, or with the tools to help you to get there over time.