Neurorehabilitation services

A neurological condition, such as a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, may result in major lifestyle changes. If this occurs, our comprehensive rehabilitation service is critical to helping our patients live comfortably and confidently within their own home and social environments.
At Imperial Private Healthcare, we enhance the lives of patients with brain injuries or neurodegenerative disorders via a focus on improving functional ability and helping individuals adapt to their new life. Our range of treatments and tailored therapies include physiotherapy, drug therapy and occupational therapy.
Our experienced neurorehabilitation consultants and therapists are experts in treating acute and long-term neurological conditions. Our goal is to ensure patients attain the best level of function possible and, where necessary, adapt to everyday challenges.

Bespoke treatment plans with an extensive range of rehabilitation services and therapies.

Neurorehabilitation services

Giving our patients the greatest level of independence possible.

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Research and ongoing development

Our neurorehabilitation team is constantly involved in groundbreaking research to find quicker and more effective methods to diagnose and treat neurological conditions and is able to translate those findings into clinical practice. Our research covers the full spectrum of brain injuries and treatments, from stem cell therapies for multiple sclerosis to brain plasticity. Our unit is one of the leading centres in Europe, if not the world, for functional imaging.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the UK’s first academic health science centres. This means that our patients benefit from the collaborative working between research and education teams to find new therapies, techniques and treatments to all types of conditions. Our team’s training and competency in neurological rehabilitation is regularly audited via the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which ensures the team takes a consistent, co-ordinated and patient-focused approach to recovery.