Neonatal care

Keeping you and your baby in good health is of the utmost importance to us.

You may require specialist medical support if you have had previous complications during pregnancy or issues have arisen during your current pregnancy, or perhaps your little one may need extra care after birth.

If so, you are in the best place. Being part of an academic centre, Imperial Private Healthcare is a forerunner in innovative neonatal methods. We also have one of the UK’s largest neonatal services – able to care for the most premature and most poorly babies.

Our neonatal intensive care service, based across two of the Trust’s large teaching hospitals, is one of the UK’s largest and one of the most advanced – and babies are transferred to us from all over the country.

Between the two sites, we care for more than 700 babies a year in our neonatal unit.

If you are having a multiple birth or if your antenatal scans reveal any issues, your consultant, surgeons and midwives will work together in advance to make the best possible plan to care for your baby or babies as soon as they are born.

Premature babies

At Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital, we care for babies born from 23 weeks gestation, or 27 weeks at the Lindo Wing.

We also have a specialist service to support you if you have recurrent miscarriages or early pregnancy concerns.

Cooling treatment

In rare circumstances, full-term babies can have complications and very prompt action will give the best outcome for your child. The Trust provides a highly effective cooling technique which helps to minimise the impact of a traumatic birth on the brain. The technique reduces a baby’s temperature and slows their metabolism for the first 72 hours, giving their brain time to recover.

Research into cooling babies starved of oxygen originated at our Trust and set the national standard. We remain one of just a few centres in London to offer this gentle, non-invasive treatment where it is required.

MRI scanning of newborn babies

We pioneered the world’s first neonatal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, which is next to the neonatal unit at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital.

We carry out highly detailed, non-invasive scans of vulnerable newborn babies to help us identify injuries to, or conditions with, the brain and other organs, understand the causes and explore treatments.

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