Meet the team

We are extremely proud of our maternity team, who consistently receive high ratings for patient care and experience.

Our specialist staff have cared for mums-to-be and their babies throughout all types of pregnancies and births. They will provide you with round-the-clock care, reassurance and advice throughout your pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery.

  • obstetric consultants
  • specialist midwives
  • obstetric anaesthetists
  • neonatologists
  • physiotherapists
  • anaethetists
  • gynaecologists
  • a genetic counsellor
  • radiologists
  • paediatric surgeons and paediatricians
  • sonographers – all accredited specialists in fetal medicine
  • lactation consultants
  • clinical psychologists

We have experts with many years’ experience of pre-eclampsia, multiple births or premature babies.

Being an academic centre, our team is heavily involved in research, with focus areas including brain development and haematology.

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