Male fertility services

Our male fertility service at Hammersmith Hospital is a unique service for London.

For couples whose fertility issues involve male factors, we offer investigations and treatments for men, rather than simply offering IVF as the initial solution.

We investigate male fertility issues, including:

  • low sperm count
  • normal count with poor sperm quality
  • obstructions that mean no sperm in the ejaculate
  • abnormal hormone levels
  • small or undescended testicles that do not produce enough sperm or testosterone
  • infections
  • dietary inadequacies

If you are having cancer therapy or other treatments that may make you infertile, we have a cryopreservation service through which you can store your sperm.

Our consultants treat these issues with either minor surgical procedures, for example to remove obstructions or retrieve sperm, or drug therapy to normalise hormonal levels. By treating these issues, our team reduces the need for IVF in approximately 20 percent of patients.

Working closely with the Imperial Centre of Endocrinology (ICE), we have a strong research arm in male reproductive endocrinology, and links with Lord Winston’s reproductive biology unit. We are the only centre that considers the male endocrine situation simultaneously with the reproduction system.

The male fertility service is led by Jonathan Ramsay, whose approach is to combine the emotion and psychology of individual care with medical diagnosis and advice. Mr Ramsay has been a consultant urologist at the Trust since 1988, and works closely with the fertility units within London and is a visiting urologist to fertility clinics in neighbouring counties. His research interests include methods and outcomes of sperm retrieval and the genetic causes of infertility.

Mr Ramsay and his team specialise in both of the advanced techniques for sperm retrieval – micro-testicular and fine-needle aspiration.