Haematology (blood disorders)

Imperial Private Healthcare offers excellent levels of care for patients with bone marrow and blood disorders.

Our private haematology service, which is provided at Hammersmith and St. Mary’s hospitals, includes:

• General haematology
• Diagnosis and management of malignant haematology (including leukaemia)
• Diagnosis and management of blood disorders (inherited and acquired)
• Red blood cell and non-malignant diseases
• Bone marrow transplants
• Immunohaematology
• Paediatric haematology 
• Platelet disorders

Hammersmith Hospital is one of the world’s most recognised diagnostic and treatment centres for blood disorders with a long tradition of providing excellence in patient care, teaching and research.  Established in 1934, its department of haematology is a leading clinical and research centre for haematology in Britain and the British Commonwealth and offers the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of blood and bone marrow disorders.

Our team has published numerous academic papers in the fields of haematology and transplantation and the department is a well-recognised training centre, attracting visiting experts from all over the world. Private patients with difficult conditions are regularly referred to us from other major haematology centres, both in the UK and internationally, due to our exceptional level of expertise.

General and diagnostic haematology

Private patients with any suspected blood disorder can be seen rapidly at either Hammersmith or St. Mary’s Hospital. Achieving the correct diagnosis is absolutely essential for correct therapy. Our experienced consultants will request the appropriate tests for you and ensure their correct and timely interpretation. After initial assessment and diagnosis, patients will be referred further to the most appropriate specialists for treatment.

Our haematology service is supported by cutting edge technology and benefits greatly from our active academic research.

Malignant haematology (blood cancer)

The department of haematology at Hammersmith Hospital is one of the world’s leading centres for blood cancer diagnosis and treatment. We care for private patients with all cancers affecting the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes including:

• leukaemia
• lymphoma (both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin)
• myelodysplastic syndromes
• myeloproliferative neoplasms
• multiple myeloma.

We also have two world-renowned bone marrow transplantation units (also known as haematopoietic stem cell transplantation units). One is situated at St. Mary’s Hospital and is dedicated to children and another is at Hammersmith and specialises in adult transplantation. We were one of the first hospitals in the world to perform an allogeneic stem cell transplant (from one person to another) and we maintain an excellent reputation in this technology.

For broader information about cancer, please also refer to the cancer care section on the website.

Red blood cells and non-malignant haematology

We care for private patients with a wide range of non-malignant blood disorders including haemoglobinopathies (sickle cell and thalassaemia), less common red cell disorders, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia and other disorders. We are one of the leading specialist centres for non-malignant haematology with nationally renowned expertise in the investigation and management of red cell disorders.

We provide a wide range of services for our patients, including day care treatment, inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, and pregnancy care for patients with blood disorders (provided jointly with Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital and Lindo Wing Maternity at St Mary’s Hospital). Selected patients may be offered bone marrow transplantation. This intensive treatment is available at St. Mary’s Hospital for children and at Hammersmith Hospital for adults.

We accept private referrals for all red blood cell diseases and non-malignant disorders including:

• anaemia including haemolytic anaemia (inborn or acquired)
• haemochromatosis
• haemoglobinopathies including sickle cell disease and thalassaemia
• neutropenia
• platelet disorders such as thrombocytopenia, including immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP)

Disorders of blood coagulation – bleeding and thrombosis

We have been a major research centre for bleeding disorders since the 1930s, and our haematology department is internationally recognised for its achievements in the development of treatments for a wide range of disorders of haemostasis and thrombosis. In 1952 our Hammersmith Hospital team and a team from Oxford published the very first report of haemophilia B; also known as Christmas disease. Our modern practice has extended into the diagnosis and management of thrombosis. The haematology department also has a distinguished haemophilia centre and receives referrals from all over the world.

We continue to research into the structure and function of proteins involved in haemostasis which provides essential insights into the most complex bleeding and clotting disorders.

Our private patients benefit from a full range of diagnostic and management services relevant to common, rare and very rare bleeding and thrombotic disorders including:

  • investigation of bleeding, bruising and related problems such as menorrhagia
  • haemophilia and other hereditary predispositions to bleeding
  • acquired bleeding disorders
  • platelet function disorders
  • pregnancy related bleeding and clotting problems
  • surgery related bleeding and clotting problems
  • thrombophilia – increased predisposition to blood clotting and family studies
  • short and long term anticoagulation including critical periods such as pregnancy