Fertility investigations & assessments

At The Wolfson Fertility Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of fertility tests to assess the possible causes of the difficulties you’re experiencing.

These tests help us to understand the best course of treatment for you to maximise your chances of becoming pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Your chosen consultant will advise you on which of these fertility tests you need and can give you more information about what to expect from them.

We will also go through any existing test results with you, if you have had fertility treatment elsewhere.

Tests for women

  • Ultrasound scan:  this allows the consultant to assess the anatomy of your pelvis to see if there are any problems
  • HSG (hysterosalpingogram): a small amount of dye is used to help your consultant to examine the uterus and fallopian tubes via and x-ray
  • HyCoSy: a technique for checking whether fallopian tubes are blocked using ultrasound
  • Saline scan: to check whether there are any issues with the uterus
  • Hormone profiles: this will allow us to look at ovulation and  learn how many eggs are in reserve

Tests for men

  • Semen analysis: to review sperm count/sperm motility and sperm morphology (the size and shape)

We want you to be able to completely understand your own situation, so we will always discuss and explain any results with you. We want you to become an expert patient which will enable you to take an active part in your own treatment.

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