Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing allows men to preserve their fertility, enabling them to try to have children at a later date or simply donate their sperm to be used in another family’s treatment.

What to expect

Your sperm will be tested for infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis. If you test positive for these infectious diseases, you will still be able to freeze your sperm.

You will need to give written, informed consent for us to secure, freeze and store your sperm. Find out more about consenting to procedures on the HFEA’s website.

You will need to produce a fresh sample of your sperm at the clinic, if you are able. We will mix your sperm with a special fluid that will help to protect it during the freezing process. Then, we will divide your sample – this will allow us to freeze samples separately so we will only need to thaw one at a time. You’ll be able to use your sperm in multiple treatments. The samples are cooled and then stored in liquid nitrogen.

When you decide to use your sperm, we will thaw it and use it in the treatment of your choice. If you have sperm left over after treatment, you can choose to store it, donate it or discard it.


There are no known risks to freezing your sperm for future use – it is perfectly safe.

Visit HFEA to learn more about sperm freezing.

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