Welcome to the Wolfson Fertility Clinic

We want to help you become a family. With high success rates and years of experience, we’re here to support you through your treatment journey in an honest and sensitive way.

We’ve been welcoming healthy babies into the world since we opened our doors in 1982. We were the first clinic to have a baby born by IVF and our expert consultants and nurses pride themselves on treating every patient and family individually.

  • High success rates which are above the national average

  • Short waiting times – we see most patients for the first consultation within two weeks – begin your treatment at your next menstrual cycle

  • Investigations and treatments based on your individual circumstances

  • Success with patients who have complex fertility challenges

  • An ethical approach – we only offer treatments backed up by scientific research

  • 5/5 HFEA inspection rating

  • Continuity of care: one consultant and one nurse assigned to you throughout your treatment with us

As part of a large hospital trust, we use the latest techniques in HFEA-accredited laboratories and offer genetic screening services.

With short waiting lists for IVF, as well as success rates which are above the national average, we welcome all families – whether you are a single parent, in a same sex couple or exploring surrogacy.

We look after patients with straightforward and complex fertility challenges. If you plan to delay starting a family, we can support you with fertility preservation options too.

We are committed to providing transparent, evidence-based care to our patients. We honour the trust our patients put in us and will not put you forward for treatment unless there is a chance of a positive outcome. Any procedure we suggest is backed up by scientific research.

Whether you are trying to conceive, or have had previous IVF cycles, we are here to guide you through the next stage.

As part of a large NHS trust, we also offer a more affordable option to self-fund your fertility treatment in line with our usual NHS service. For more information about self-funding your fertility treatment visit the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust website.

Image of mother holding baby

“To all the IVF unit staff and doctors – we cannot express our gratitude enough for all the work you put in for us to have been able to have a beautiful baby boy. You have truly blessed us. Thank you so much.”- Wolfson Fertility Clinic patient