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Photo of Dr Dominic Blunt Male

Dr Dominic Blunt

Consultant radiologist 3260898

Dr Phillipa Borra

Consultant anaesthetist 3675579
Photo of Dr Catherine Borysiewicz Female

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz

Consultant dermatologist 6078458
Photo of Professor Tom Bourne Male

Professor Tom Bourne

Consultant gynaecologist 2957874

Dr Claire Boynton

Consultant in cardiothoraic anaesthesia and intensive care 6131007Anaesthetics

Dr Eimear Brannigan

Consultant in infectious disease 7008386
Photo of Dr Vassiliki Bravis Female

Dr Vassiliki Bravis

Consultant in endocrinology, diabetes and internal medicine 6076270
Photo of Dr Johanna Bray Female

Dr Johanna Bray

Consultant anaesthetist 4036829
Photo of Professor Stephen Brett Male

Professor Stephen Brett

Consultant in intesive care medicine 3254589

Professor Adolfo Bronstein

Consultant neurologist and neuro-otologist 3146983