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Photo of Dr Rodney Foale Male

Dr Rodney Foale

Consultant cardiologist 1726318
Photo of Professor Christina Fotopoulou Female

Professor Christina Fotopoulou

Consultant gynaecological oncologist 7203385

Dr Andrew Frankel

Consultant renal physician 2611266

Professor Andrea Frilling

Surgeon Hpb/endocrine
Photo of Professor Hani Gabra Male

Professor Hani Gabra

Consultant oncologist 3254651
Photo of Dr Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami female

Dr Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami

Consultant gynaecologist/gynaecolgical oncologist
Photo of Ms Norma Gibbons Female

Ms Norma Gibbons

Consultant urologist 7012809
Photo of Dr Philip Gishen Male

Dr Philip Gishen

Consultant radiologist 2233679

Dr Alison Graham

Consultant radiologist 3592072

Dr Nandita Gupta

Consultant histopathologist 6158368