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Photo of Dr Marius Venter Male

Dr Marius Venter

Consultant physician in stroke medicine 4334613
Photo of Dr Sarah Wakelin Female

Dr Sarah Wakelin

Consultant dermatologist 3284274

Dr Miny (Amanda) Walker

Consultant radiologist 3669198
Photo of Dr Katie Ward Female

Dr Katie Ward

Consultant physician 6029259
Photo of Dr Shelley Ward Female

Dr Shelley Ward

Consultant anaesthetist 3343560
Photo of Dr Samir Wassouf Male

Dr Samir Wassouf

Consultant paediatrician 3048872

Miss Lisa Webber

Consultant gynaecologist and subspecialist in reproductive medicine 3545829
Photo of Dr Zachary Whinnet Male

Dr Zachary Whinnet

Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist 4644853
Photo of Dr Melissa Wickremasinghe Female

Dr Melissa Wickremasinghe

Consultant respiratory physician 3499320

Dr Horace Williams

Consultant gastroenterologist 4632146