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Photo of Dr Rodney Foale Male

Dr Rodney Foale

Consultant cardiologist 1726318
Photo of Professor Stephen Brett Male

Professor Stephen Brett

Consultant in intesive care medicine 3254589

Dr Nickolaos Pantazopoulos

Consultant cardiologist 4238133

Dr Nilesh Sutaria

consultant cardiologist and honorary clinical lecturer 3494318
Photo of Dr Zachary Whinnet Male

Dr Zachary Whinnet

Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist 4644853

Dr Sayan Sen

Consultant cardiologist 6079534
Photo of Dr Amanda Varnava Female

Dr Amanda Varnava

Consultant cardiologist 3498439
Photo of Dr Christopher Baker Male

Dr Christopher Baker

Consultant cardiologist 3477441
Photo of Dr Parind Patel Male

Dr Parind Patel

Consultant in intensive care medicine 4234050
Photo of Dr Gajen Kanaganayagam Male

Dr Gajen Kanaganayagam

Consultant cardiologist 6159439
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