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Photo of Mr Srdjan Saso

Mr Srdjan Saso

Consultant gynaecologist and gynaecological cancer surgeon 6164049Gynaecology
Photo of Mr Marco Scarci

Mr Marco Scarci

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon ‘6159768Cardiothoracic surgery

Dr Christopher Schlevan

Consultant radiologist 4030342

Dr Sayan Sen

Consultant cardiologist 6079534

Dr Amarjit Sethi

Consultant cardiologist 3668290

Professor Peter Sever

Professor of clinic pharmacology and therapeutics, honorary consultant physician 1711093
Photo of Professor Pankaj Sharma Male

Professor Pankaj Sharma

Consultant neurologist 3281219
Photo of Dr Rohini Sharma Female

Dr Rohini Sharma

Senior lecturer and honorary consultant 6085359
Photo of Dr Abdul Shlebak Male

Dr Abdul Shlebak

Consultant haematologist 3634109
Photo of Mr Duncan Spalding Male

Mr Duncan Spalding

consultant in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery 3311464