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Dr Rehan Salim

Consultant gynaecologist and subspecialist in reproductive medicine, head of IVF 4426226
Photo of Dr Rehan Salim


Mr Rehan Salim is a consultant gynaecologist, subspecialist in reproductive medicine and head of IVF at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. He graduated in medicine from St Andrew’s University & King’s College London and trained as a subspecialist in reproductive medicine at University College London Hospital; he was then appointed as consultant at UCLH where he led the Reproductive Medicine Unit, developing the NHS IVF service.  He also had a busy private practice in fertility and IVF at The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health. He was recruited by Johns Hopkins International in 2012 to set up and run the IVF centre at Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the largest women’s hospital in United Arab Emirates, which he did till his return to the UK to take up his appointment at St Mary’s.

He has extensive experience in IVF and provides a highly individualised approach to patients, tailor making protocols to achieve the highest pregnancy rates. An area of particular interest is patients who have had previous failed fertility treatment or who are considered poor responders to IVF treatment.

Mr Salim also has a special interest and extensive experience in reproductive surgery and is able to perform most surgical procedures via minimal access techniques (laparoscopy or hysteroscopy) including myomectomies and excision of endometriosis.