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Dr Channa Jayasena, Male

Consultant in reproductive endocrinology and andrology 4767248
Photo of Dr Channa Jayasena Male


Dr Channa Jayasena is a clinical senior lecturer and consultant in reproductive endocrinology and andrology at Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital, London. Dr. Jayasena qualified in medicine at Cambridge University, after which he undertook specialist training in diabetes & endocrinology in London.

Having been awarded a Wellcome Trust clinical research training fellowship and NIHR clinical lectureship, he conducted first-to-human studies at Imperial College investigating the clinical effects of novel hypothalamic hormones such as kisspeptin on human reproductive function. He currently specialises in male and female fertility, hormonal and reproductive disorders.   His current research focuses on developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics for patients with infertility.

Special interests

  • Andrology
  • Female fertility
  • Male fertility