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Dr Ekundayo Ajayi-obe

Consultant paediatrician 5075910

Miss Maya Al-Memar

Consultant Gynaecologist 6163791Gynaecology
Photo of Dr Ali Alsafi Male

Dr Ali Alsafi

Consultant interventional radiologist 7049641

Professor Jane Apperley

Consultant haematologist 2501905
Photo of Dr Ben Ariff Male

Dr Ben Ariff

Consultant radiologist 4107420
Photo of Dr Ester Avagliano

Dr Ester Avagliano

consultant anaesthetist 7395653Anaesthetics
Photo of Dr Lakshmana Ayaru Male

Dr Lakshmana Ayaru

Consultant gastroenterologist 4214025
Photo of Dr Syed Babar Male

Dr Syed Babar

Consultant radiologist 4688116

Dr Rosalind Bacon

Consultant anaesthetist 3296015
Photo of Dr Christopher Baker Male

Dr Christopher Baker

Consultant cardiologist 3477441