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Photo of Dr Ameet Dhar

Dr Ameet Dhar

Consultant hepatologist 4529150

Professor Andrea Frilling

Surgeon Hpb/endocrine
Photo of Mr Nagy Habib Male

Mr Nagy Habib

Consultant general surgeon 2814849
Photo of Professor Shahid Khan Male

Professor Shahid Khan

Consultant gastroenterologist 4111658
Photo of Dr Nowlan Selvapatt

Dr Nowlan Selvapatt

Consultant Hepatologist 6148973Liver services
Photo of Mr Duncan Spalding Male

Mr Duncan Spalding

consultant in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery 3311464
Photo of Dr Andrew Thillainayagam Male

Dr Andrew Thillainayagam

Consultant gastroenterologist 2922672
Photo of Professor Mark Thursz Male
Photo of Dr Christopher Wadsworth Male

Dr Christopher Wadsworth

Consultant gastroenterologist 6026886