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Photo of Dr Susannah Bloch Female

Dr Susannah Bloch

Consultant respiratory and general medical physician 6076467
Photo of Dr Robina Coker Female

Dr Robina Coker

Consultant in respiratory medicine 3168161
Photo of Dr Sarah Elkin Female

Dr Sarah Elkin

Consultant in respiratory medicine 3477269
Photo of Dr Gulam Haji

Dr Gulam Haji

Consultant Pulmonologist 6148842Respiratory
Photo of Dr Luke Howard Male

Dr Luke Howard

Consultant in respiratory medicine 4370576

Dr Philip Ind

Consultant respiratory physician 1730467
Photo of Professor Sebastian Johnston Male

Professor Sebastian Johnston

Professor in respiratory medicine and allergy 2620176
Photo of Professor Onn Kon Male

Professor Onn Kon

Consultant respiratory physician 3290497
Photo of Dr Vincent Mak Male

Dr Vincent Mak

Consultant physician in respiratory integrated care 2859330

Professor Claire Shovlin

Professor of practice (clinical and molecular medicine) 3194728
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