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Mr Sanjiv Agarwal

Consultant urologist 4083591
Photo of Mr Ahmed Ahmed Male

Mr Ahmed Ahmed

Consultant upper GI and bariatric surgeon and clinical lead – bariatric surgery 4305462
Photo of Professor Hashim Ahmed Male

Professor Hashim Ahmed

Professor and chair of urology, Consultant urological surgeon 4771696
Photo of Dr Tina Ainley Female

Dr Tina Ainley

Consultant anaesthetist 3168855
Photo of Dr Abosede Ajayi Female

Dr Abosede Ajayi

Consultant in emergency medicine and sports physician 4640660

Mr Mohammed Akmal

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon 3680643
Photo of Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi Male

Mr Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Consultant laryngologist and ear, nose and throat surgeon 6048397Ears, nose and throat

Mr Ragheed Al-Mufti

Consultant in breast, endocrine, onco-plastic surgery 2912675
Photo of Dr Farah Alobeidi Female

Dr Farah Alobeidi

Consultant neuroradiologist
Photo of Dr Ali Alsafi Male

Dr Ali Alsafi

Consultant interventional radiologist 7049641