Spinal tumours

You can be assured of the best treatment for spinal tumours at our centre at Charing Cross Hospital where we have specialist expertise in the full range of treatments for this disease.

This applies for tumours of the bones of the spine (vertebral bodies) including spinal metastases, tumours inside the sac containing the spinal cord such as meningioma and neurofibroma and tumours of the spinal cord itself. Whatever the location or nature of the tumour, our specialist team can help.

Through our affiliation to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, we are one of the main units in London for treating spinal tumours.

You will be cared for by experienced team led by your chosen consultant. Each member of the team will bring their specialist expertise to the table when reviewing your case. They will work closely together to provide you with a treatment plan that is specially tailored to your condition.

Your diagnosis

Once you are referred to us for private treatment, our specialists will immediately perform a range of tests for an accurate diagnosis.

We have access to the most advanced diagnostic tools including the latest imaging technology. Your tests may include high-tech scans using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET scans, an isotope bone scan and CT (computerised tomography) to show detailed images of your spine or a biopsy (taking a small tissue sample for testing).

Your care will be managed by an expert multi-disciplinary team of neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists (experts in radiotherapy and chemotherapy), neurologists, specialist nurses and radiologists.

Together, they will immediately review your test results to produce an individual treatment plan for you and will involve you at every stage in how your condition is managed.

Your treatment options for a spinal tumour

We are able to treat you for all types of spinal tumour, including primary tumours which start in the nerves, spinal cord or vertebral bodies and tumours which have spread (metastasise) from elsewhere in the body.

Your treatment will depend on the type and location of the tumour. Whatever your diagnosis, we will carefully develop an individual plan for you for the best results.

The main treatments are:


We usually recommend surgery where it is possible to remove part or the entire tumour from your spinal cord. We can also stabilise your spine with open or minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Your operation will be performed by our highly-trained neurosurgeons who are expert in all types of spinal surgery including keyhole surgery and other procedures such as kyphoplasty which repairs damage in the spine caused by cancer.

We use the latest technology available to achieve highly accurate surgery including computerised navigation systems to guide the surgeon, intra-operative ultrasound which provides high-tech imaging of the spinal cord during the operation and intra-operative spinal cord monitoring to make the operation as safe as possible.


You may need radiotherapy after surgery to remove any remaining cancer cells. We have access to the latest radiotherapy technology including stereotactic radiotherapy which is a highly advanced radiotherapy treatment for brain and spinal tumours.


We may also recommend chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) as part of your treatment plan and we can provide the latest and full range of anti-cancer medicines to support your treatment.

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