Oesophageal cancer and stomach cancer

If you are worried that you may have oesophageal cancer or stomach cancer, we can offer you access to internationally recognised clinicians and the most up-to-date treatments for these diseases.

Your chosen consultant will deliver your care as part of a multi-disciplinary team, bringing together the whole range of expertise for oesophageal and stomach cancers, either on our private ward at Charing Cross Hospital or in the Lindo Wing, the private wing of St Mary’s Hospital.

This consultant-led team will review all your treatment options with you. You will be involved in any decision-making about your care, which will result in the creation of a bespoke treatment plan for you and your condition.

We are able to offer you the very best care for oesophageal and stomach cancer because:

  • We use the most up-to-date technologies and treatments such as the latest radiotherapy techniques, chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) and biological therapies (drugs which target specific cancer cells).
  • We have an active clinical trials programme through our links to the world-class Imperial College research institution which means you will have access to the newest therapies available for treating stomach cancer or oesophageal cancer.
  • Our consultants are involved in leading-edge research in to oesophageal and stomach cancer, bringing vast amounts of expertise directly to their patients
  • If you need surgery as part of your treatment, we offer the full range of surgical options including specialist techniques for oesophageal cancer and stomach cancer diagnosed at an early stage.

Your diagnosis

As soon as you are referred to us for private treatment, our specialists will perform all the necessary tests to give you an accurate diagnosis. These tests can include an endoscopy (a test to look inside your oesophagus or stomach), an x-ray and a biopsy (taking a small tissue sample for testing).

You will be looked after by a consultant-led multidisciplinary team of highly experienced clinicians including specialist surgeons, oncologists (cancer specialists), gastroenterologists, dietitians, radiologists and specialist nurses.

With all the information from your tests, they will discuss with you all the treatment options available to you. Together you will then agree the treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

Treatment options for oesophageal cancer or stomach cancer

We can offer you the full range of treatments for your oesophageal cancer or stomach cancer and will recommend the best options depending on the size and stage of your cancer.

Treatment options for oesophageal cancer diagnosed at an early stage

Our highly-skilled surgeons will be able to treat you using the latest techniques to remove the tumour from your oesophagus (food pipe) or destroy the cancer cells. We may recommend surgery to remove part of the oesophagus with the cancerous tissue or other procedures such as endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) or HALO radiofrequency ablation. Both these techniques involving passing an endoscope (a thin flexible tube) down the oesophagus and using tools such as a wire or heat to destroy the cancer cells.

If it is the right option for you, we may recommend combinations of surgery with chemotherapy or chemotherapy given at the same time as radiotherapy (known as chemoradiation) to destroy any remaining cancer cells.

Treatment options for stomach cancer

We usually recommend surgery to remove the cancerous tissue or to remove some or all of the stomach, known as a gastrectomy. You can still eat normally after a gastrectomy but you may have to adjust portion sizes. You may also have chemotherapy before and after the surgery to shrink the tumour and destroy any remaining cancer cells.

Treatment options for oesophageal cancer or stomach cancer diagnosed at a later stage

We usually recommend surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible and chemotherapy and radiotherapy to destroy remaining cancer cells.

As part of your care we will also look at ways to relieve your symptoms. For example, we can provide oesophageal stents which can help you swallow food and drink more easily.

If you are having surgery we may recommend that you take part in our PREPARE for surgery programme. Through this we will give you all the support you need for your physical and mental wellbeing so that you are the most prepared you can be for your operation, helping you to recover as quickly as possible.

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