Breast cancer

If you are concerned that you may have breast cancer, we can offer you the very latest approaches to diagnosing and treating this disease.

Through our affiliation with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, you will have access to highly-experienced clinicians who work in one of the largest breast cancer screening and treatment units in the country at Charing Cross Hospital.

Our consultants see 150 newly referred patients a week and more than 500 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer a year, making them some of the most expert breast cancer clinicians.

Our team includes radiologists, surgeons, oncologists and specialist nurses and a team of plastic surgeons who can offer you the most up-to-date treatments and reconstructive surgery. Your care will be delivered by this highly-expert multi-disciplinary team who will involve you in all treatment decisions and develop a personalised treatment plan for you.

The very best cancer care

We can offer you the very best in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment because:

  • We have expertise in all breast cancer care from diagnosis to complex reconstructive breast surgery, radiotherapy and the latest anti-cancer drugs.
  • We have the most advanced breast screening facilities in the UK and the latest pioneering tests to diagnose breast cancer.
  • We offer the whole range of breast reconstruction techniques and all our breast cancer surgeons are trained in oncoplastic surgery, combining the best plastic surgery methods with surgery for breast cancer. We can offer mastectomies (breast removal) but will also support your choice if you wish to have more simple cancer surgery.
  • We have been at the forefront of breast cancer research in the UK, including developing new chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) and hormone treatments.
  • Our team includes leading breast cancer researchers so you will have access to the latest gold standard treatments and the opportunity to participate in new trials of pioneering therapies where appropriate.

Your diagnosis

Once you are referred to us for private treatment, our specialists will immediately perform a range of pioneering tests to give you an accurate diagnosis.

We can offer you the very latest techniques in breast x-ray (mammogram) including tomosynthesis (which produces 3D images of the breast) and contrast-enhanced spectral mammogram (which involves injecting a dye before the x-ray for better images) as well as advanced scanning techniques including MRI and ultrasound.

Your tests will be performed and interpreted by a large group of highly experienced and dedicated radiologists who benefit from being part of a large national breast screening programme where diagnostic performance is closely monitored.

We want to reassure you that the vast majority of women referred for tests for possible breast cancer do not have the disease.

However, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer we will offer you further tests to help us decide the best possible approaches to your treatment. Any decisions about your treatment will always be made in consultation with you.

Your treatment options

The type of treatment you have will largely depend on the site and size of your cancer and whether it has spread. The main treatments are:

Breast cancer treatment usually starts with surgery. If it is possible to remove only your cancerous lump rather than the whole breast, you will be able to make this decision in consultation with the expert team looking after you.

If more extensive surgery is recommended for you, we know that keeping a natural breast appearance is very important to a woman’s emotional and psychological recovery and our highly-skilled surgical team will aim to give you the best cosmetic results.

Our breast cancer surgeons are trained in the latest oncoplastic surgical techniques including inserting implants to rebuild the breast after a mastectomy (breast removal). Our team also has specialist plastic and reconstructive breast surgeons who offer a range of autologous surgery (using tissue transplanted from another part of the body) after a mastectomy.

Drug treatments
If it is the right option for you, we offer the full range of anti-cancer medicines including chemotherapy (drugs which destroy cancer cells), hormone therapy (drugs which block hormones that can promote cancer growth) and targeted (biological) treatments (drugs which target specific tumours).

You may have radiotherapy to destroy any cancer cells which remain after surgery. Our radiotherapy unit has the latest technology and a track record of developing new techniques to treat breast cancer.

We were one of the first centres in the UK to offer heart-sparing radiotherapy for breast cancer which minimises radiotherapy to any heart tissue. For further information please visit our radiotherapy page.

Fertility preservation

If you are a young woman concerned about your fertility after having breast cancer treatment, we can offer you well-established treatment plans to preserve your fertility through our links to Hammersmith Hospital’s fertility preservation unit.

Breast cancer research

We have been at the forefront of breast cancer research in the UK, including developing new chemotherapy and hormone treatments. We have an active clinical trials programme and our research includes involvement in a trial looking at whether giving radiotherapy before reconstructive breast surgery may be a better approach to treatment for some patients.

As one of our private patients, you will have access to the latest treatments and the opportunity to take part in trials of novel therapies if appropriate.

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