Imperial Private Healthcare
International Affiliate Network

A global network of aspiring healthcare organisations

Our mission is to work collaboratively with healthcare professionals and hospitals around the world to complement and develop local healthcare.

Our expert multidisciplinary teams work with your hospitals to complement and develop local healthcare provisions through training programmes to meet your specific needs, and tailored consulting services to improve your hospital operations and patient care.

As members, you will also benefit from extending your care, with a managed overseas complex referral service to our London facilities and discharge back to your hospital for onward care.

What does the membership offer?

  • Training programmes designed to meet your specific educational requirements

  • Tailored consulting services to improve your operations and patient care

  • Rapid access to second opinions from over 500 leading doctors

  • Extended complex care pathway, with managed overseas referral service to our London hospitals and discharge to your hospital for onward care

  • The opportunity to promote your affiliation to Imperial Private Healthcare

Network Members

Aman Hospital, Qatar

We are very pleased to welcome our first member, Aman Hospital, Qatar of Jaidah Holdings. Aman Hospital’s 100-bed facility offers a wide range of medical and surgical services across numerous specialities, from cardiology to ophthalmology to obstetrics.

Register your interest

To commence the application process to be considered as a member of the International Affiliate Network, please complete the application form with as much detail as possible.  We will then be in touch with you to discuss further.

About Imperial Private Healthcare

Imperial Private Healthcare forms part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, one of the largest teaching hospital groups in the UK with five hospitals across north west London.  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is part of the Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre. This is one of eight academic health science centres in the UK working to ensure the rapid translation of research for better patient care and excellence in education.